Happy Thursday: Here’s some free stuff and a challenge.

Hey friends,

To prove we are total amateurs at everything, here is an amateur-made video from us to you. We are seriously excited you’re here and want to give you a FREE Amateur Hour sticker if you complete the challenge in the video.

It’s incredibly easy.

And what’s a journey without a challenge?

For real. If you post a picture of your notebook on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a list of big dreams or the even just the word Amateur Hour on it, we’ll send you a fun new sticker.

(And maybe a nice note that will make you feel all fuzzy inside too.)

Why? Because we actually believe writing your honest feelings and thoughts on paper validates them. You need to declare—even if just to yourself—that you have strong feelings, convictions, and big ideas. You may not know how to achieve them, they may not be specific, but that doesn’t matter yet. Let’s just get them on paper.


Email a link/screenshot of your post with a mailing address to Hello@AmateurHourBlog.com, we’ll send you the sticker and an imaginary high-five.

That’s the first step. Will you take the challenge?


P.S. — We added some new phone backgrounds to the Extras page because we like to give you things and everyone needs a reminder to dream big throughout the day. Go get ’em.


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