Take your shot.

I love stories. 

So three weeks ago when I was (finally) introduced to the Hamilton soundtrack, it wrecked my life in the best way. You know how people get annoyingly obsessed with something and drive everyone else around them wild? That’s me right now.

Maybe you too have fallen in love with some piece of art—a book, movie, painting, soundtrack, etc.—before. Every once in a while, a story makes me feel understood. 

A great story translates the deepest truths of the soul into layman’s terms.

Hamilton did that for me, it shook me to the core. 

In summary, Hamilton is the (mostly true) story of Alexander Hamilton’s life from the Revolution through his dramatic death via duel with Aaron Burr. Alexander navigates war, romance, personal rivalry and tragedy, but the motif of the story is simple.

“I am not throwing away my shot.” He repeatedly declares.

Alex is full of talent, a sense of purpose, and willingness to risk life for great ideals.

When the time comes to secure his place in history, will he take his shot or watch it pass by, missing the very moment he was created for?

I repeatedly ask myself the same question. I frequently explore where I’ve been and who I want to become. But when the moment arrives, will I throw away my shot?

As I contemplate it further, I realize how this profound question has burdened my soul for years. Anxiety creeps in as I question whether I can measure up when I’m needed most. 

Of course, there are major differences between the 2.5-hour musical and real life.

Real life is far more subtle.
Your shot is easier to miss.

Instead of one giant opportunity clearly waiting for a Hero Named You, dozens of smaller opportunities appear every day. Seemingly minor moments of your day are threads of a much larger tapestry that becomes your life. 

Little moments become big moments.
Big moments become the landmarks of your legacy.

If you choose to take the small shots today your legacy will have immense meaning, but it all starts today by doing whatever you can with whatever you have. One step at a time.

Corinne and I created this project because we believe twenty-somethings stand at the intersection of purpose and apathy every day. Most folks choose the lesser without a second thought.

Not you.

Life is too grand for such apathy.

It’s going to be messy.

You will screw up in a million-and-one ways.

Embrace the challenge and step forward anyway.

We are so thankful for those of you who have joined this project. I hope you’re ready to step boldly into 2017 with arms full of resolute hope. Your story starts new every day, don’t throw away your shot.

Here’s to the wild journey ahead.


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