The Epilogue.

On behalf of Corinne and myself, thank you.

We are immensely grateful for those of you who joined this project. Corinne and I planned this series early in the Fall, intending to finish a few days before the start of 2017.

11,779 words later, 2017 is here and Amateur Hour has finished.

The future will be driven by amateurs who are willing to step up and lead despite their weaknesses. I hope you’ll be one of them. I hope you feel more equipped to do so today than a few months ago.

If it is helpful for you, we have compiled this entire project into a single PDF for your downloading pleasure.

You can get it here: amateurhour

Life is vastly different today than we’d expected a few months ago. Corinne moved to Colorado and is getting married soon, and I moved (again) this week to start a new job in Athens, GA. Moving forward, you can follow our journeys on our personal websites if you’d like.

We’d love for you to be a part of whatever is next.

Step boldly forward, Amateurs.
We believe in you.


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