A few days ago one of my best friends asked a girl out.

He was thinking about asking her for a while but went back and forth. You know how it goes. Then he found out she was “talking” to someone (whatever that means) and backed off for a bit.

But he couldn’t shake it long-term.

On Monday he did the bravest thing a young man can do. Saddled up his old SUV, drove to her house (he didn’t have her number), and knocked on the door.

He had practiced what he was going to say over and over. There’s a level of confidence one needs to reach before a feat like this is even fathomable. 

As much as he had practiced, however, my friend probably wasn’t prepared for what actually happened. She opened the door… alongside all 4 of her roommates. This is the ultimate threat level danger zone. 

Asking a girl out is tough.

Asking a girl out with her friends watching (and judging) the whole thing? Near impossible.

No escape possible, he opened his mouth and requested a date.  

She accepted his offer.

They’re going to dinner tonight.

The past four weeks we’ve been challenged to dream, write, quit and pause before actually moving forward. You probably developed a smidge of an idea of what the next step might be. 

Now it’s time to take one.

Let’s do something bold.

You have a good idea of what your step is by now. You know what fears are holding you back. You’ve run through a bunch of what-if scenarios. But just like my friend asking the girl out, eventually you have to knock.

And knock you will.

If you can’t do it today, schedule it for some time very soon. Set an alarm, tell somebody exactly when you’re going to take the step. Don’t let it pass! This is what it’s all about.

Buy a plane ticket, make a phone call, show up at somebody’s doorstep, write a letter, quit something big. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever it is—however big or small—it’s time to do it.

You can’t afford not to anymore.
There’s such a bright future ahead.

May you step boldly forward today and never look back.


So here’s the deal.

We like celebrating you.

Corinne and I wrote this whole project because twenty-somethings (ourselves included) have a real problem with actually doing meaningful things. We’re tired of it and believe there’s so much in store for the brave few who take purposeful steps forward.

Especially those who don’t have a real clear destination.

So if you take the first step, post it somewhere.
Tag us on an Instagram, Tweet it, Facebook live it, whatever.
(Or send us an e-mail if you’d rather keep it private.)

We’re loading up a Starbucks gift card and will send it to a few folks who tag us. Heck maybe even everyone who tags us. (Depends how generous we’re feeling, you know?)

Because you deserve to be celebrated.
And we’re big fans of you.

Do this thing.
Take a step.


PS – If we can help you, reach out to either of us via e-mail, social media or phone. Here to help.

(941) 323-8874