Self-awareness is a great thing, but all the personality tests in world amount to cow manure if you don’t actually do something about them.

If you follow this whole Amateur Hour thing, you learned a few more things about yourself this week.  (I hope.) 

(If not go read this post first.) 

You got serious about a personality framework, asked your friends for insight, and spent time on meaningful introspection too. And you now know yourself a little better. 

Here’s a big challenge that will test your grit.

Quit something.

Not just anything. You need to quit something before you can step forward. 

The best use of your twenty-something years is taking steps towards where you’d like to be and who you’d like to become. But your schedule is already jam-packed.


You have a lot going on. You work at a job (you may or may not like), you have homework for your Masters program, you make commitments to church, friends and family like it’s your job.

With all that madness and hurry, you’ll never find space to add something new.

My favorite author/speaker/influencer/all-around-good-guy to follow is a man named Bob who lives in California. Bob is a lawyer, the Honorary Consul to Uganda, and one time traveled the world with his kids eating ice cream with international dignitaries for fun.

And Bob quits something every Thursday.

It’s time you and I take a note from Bob.

AH- Know Yourself (1).png

Quitting may not mean you quit smoking crack cocaine (though I suggest you do, if that’s a thing) but instead quitting something more subtle.

Like that one commitment you’re known for that actually sucks your life away weekly.

Or an extracurricular, a bible study, a job, a side project. Maybe you should break off a relationship that’s dragging you down or take an ax to an addiction. 

Heck, you may just need to quit being afraid.

It’s a wild reality of life:
Stepping forward looks like stepping backward.
Growth follows Decline.
Death precedes Life.

Don’t know what to quit? Try this. 

Pull out that notebook of yours and draw a line down the middle of the page.

Label the left side, “WHO AND WHERE I WANT TO BE.
On the right side, write “WHAT I’M DOING NOW.

When you fill in ideas on each side, draw lines between them. Match up the activities and feelings you hold now with who you want to become. As you do this, you’ll certainly find things to quit. 

The hard part is doing it. 

“Sure, but you don’t mean quit my job right now, right?”
“I can’t just break up with him without a good reason, right?”
“Quitting ______ would be crazy. Dumb. Too idealistic.”


Or maybe it’s the best thing you do this year.
Maybe it’s the start of stepping into the shoes of who you are becoming. 

Fear will certainly try and hold you back. Please, fight it. Don’t listen to its voices.

You can do this.
You are brave.
You are not a failure.
You are just getting started. 

Quit something. Then we’ll figure out the next step. 


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