You know what holds me back from celebration most often?


Why? Because celebration is for childhood birthday parties.


Copy of AH- Celebration1.png

“I don’t who needs your silly celebrations.”

“What I did isn’t all that great.” 

“I’m not that great.”

“He/She definitely doesn’t deserve that.”

“They had it easy.” 

You didn’t run a mile, you ran only a mile.

Sound familiar?

Some doubt here, a little disbelief there, a good dose of negativity thrown in and soon enough out comes a pessimistic, more-than-sarcastic perspective of the world that suffocates all joy, hope, and optimism.

In the business of instigating cycles of celebration there is no room for cynicism.

You have accomplished the incredible, no matter how small it may seem. Everyone you know has taken a bold step or ten to arrive where they are today. In response, we have the opportunity to acknowledge and affirm the big wins of each others’ lives or let those moments pass away unnoticed. 

Wave goodbye to your inner cynic today.

Refuse to fall victim to its subtle grip. 

Instead, choose to bring the party.

Celebrate your big steps.

Celebrate your friends’ big steps.

That’s our challenge.

Figure out whatever is keeping you outside the party.

What negativity holds you back from fully embracing the fun of being a hard-working amateur? Identify the roadblock, write it down, talk to folks about it, figure out where it comes from. And most importantly, realize that you are either feeding it or starving it.

Choose to starve it. 

Its time has passed. 

Today it’s time to celebrate.

In some sort of tangible way, figure out how to celebrate yourself and your home team this week for boldly navigating this whole Amateur thing. 

What’s waiting for you ahead is way better than whatever you leave behind.

Go forth and party, people.

// Jordan


Email or tag us with a picture/story/note/etc. where you instigate a cycle of celebration amongst your Home Team. Like last week, there’s a milkshake or cup of coffee coming your way (no matter where you’re located) if you do. Because we want to keep the party rollin’.

The world is waiting for you to step up and lead.

Let’s do this thing.