Hi friends,

Happy Thursday!!

I’m so glad you’ve decided to stick with us so far- especially with this week’s topic of fear.

The desktop background above is for you to download as a reminder of what we should be asking when faced with the hard decisions: what’s the best that could happen?

It seems like I’ve had to ask myself this a bunch this last week:

I was offered a job in Colorado Springs, was proposed to by my boyfriend of a month, and have watched my checking account dwindle as I reach day 46 of being unemployed.


Have you had any similar scenarios show up in your life?

If so, here’s a virtual high-five:

Because you’re not alone.

Let’s fight through the fear of “what if” together.

Ready for a CHALLENGE?

  1. Go find your Amateur Hour notebook/journal. (Hopefully it’s not too far away/lost/nonexistent)
  2. Write the word “FEAR” at the top of a page, and below that list one of the things you’re most afraid of right now.
  3. Under that fear, make a two-sided chart of the best possible things that could happen and the worst possible things that could happen.
  4. Make two more charts for other fears you’ve been struggling with (heck, you could make as many as you want!)

Here’s an example of mine:


Can you tell I used the Note app on my phone to write it? Good. That’s what Amateur Hour’s all about, amirite?

Anyway, as I looked at the potential risks and rewards for making the decision to move to Colorado, I realized that the worst that could happen would be leaving after a bout of loneliness and getting lost/having a flat tire along the way.

Or I could experience incredible new views of nature, make new adventurous friends, and land a career for myself.

I shared these thoughts with a few friends, and they helped me weigh the outcomes.


Fear likes to stay hidden. It’s most comfortable in the dark.

So instead of staying in Georgia and wondering what would have happened if I’d moved to Colorado, I face-punched fear and packed my bags.

I wonder what life would look like if you wrote down your top three fears, shared the risks and rewards of one with a friend, and then acted on one.

And then the other two.

Jordan and I would be elated if you’d share yours with us. We might not be professionals at anything, but we thrive in moments of speaking truth into these types of things, and it would be a pleasure to be able to do that for you.**

If anything, we want to get fear into the open and by simply having a conversation about yours with someone you trust, you’re taking a small step that matters a lot.

Hey, we’re in your corner. Let us know if we can help!


Go get ’em.



**Neither Jordan nor Corinne are certified Life Coaches/Guidance Counselors/Parents/Paid Spokespersons.