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What’s holding you back?

Why won’t you ask the girl, or apply for the job, or buy that plane ticket?

What are the voices telling you?

That you’re not good enough for her, or that you’ll just be rejected again, or that it’s too scary to leave home?

What are they telling you?

My voices have said that I’m a good two-shoes, that my body isn’t fit enough, and that I’ll never be good with money.

This week I want us to identify the voices in our lives, and ask:

  1. What are their sources?
  2. What are their messages?
  3. How have they shaped me?
  4. Are they worth listening to?

So here’s your challenge for this week:

find a personal quiet space.

Take a half hour this week to go somewhere where the loudest sound is the beating of your heart, and just be there.

Breathe deeply.

Close your eyes.

And just be.

Let the voices be where they are: in the past, at home, far from you.

One of my favorite books is Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt.

She says in one of the chapters,

A special kind of simplicity happens when you leave behind all things unnecessary, and even some necessary ones. There is no noise, no chaotic motion—just silence. All of a sudden feelings start to rise to the surface you didn’t even know you had. You start to think thoughts you didn’t realize you were capable of thinking. There’s an incredible clarity of mind that comes to you when you leave everything comfortable behind

I think sometimes we get too comfortable with the voices that are toxic or that don’t matter. And I want us to start leaving those behind.

I think if we take a look at our pasts and consider not only the events that have brought us to where we are, but the voices that have shaped us into who we are, we can more freely decide if they’re worth repeating and worth directing our futures.

My hope is that we as Amateurs will become the type of people whose voices speak truth and freedom into the lives around us- that our voices are the ones worth repeating.