This week we talked about dreaming “too much” and what happens when we don’t prioritize our goals and time, and spread ourselves too thin.

So your challenge for this next week is this:

Say no more often.

It’s terrifying, I know. But if we start forming the habit of saying no to the majority of fluff and extra things that could own our time, we’re setting ourselves up for success.

Now, this doesn’t just look like saying no to a guy/girl who asks you on a date just because they doesn’t seem like “your type.”

Say no in the sense that you’re holding up what matters most to you- the dreams you’ve found have risen to the top- and putting a pause or permanent stop to everything else.

As I mentioned Monday, my Sophomore year of college collapsed at the end, and I knew a change had to be made.

I took a leave of absence from being a University Ambassador and moved off campus to separate where I rested from where I studied.

The conversation with my Ambassador director was painful. There may or may not have been tears.

But I began to thrive as the other areas of my life began to receive more attention from me.

I like to think of it like this: we’re like plants.

And plants need these basics to survive: water, sunlight, and oxygen.

But that’s just if you want them to not die.

But if you want them flourish, to produce fruit- to become the truest forms of themselves- you have to prune them.

And that means trimming off the excess so their nutrients can go straight to what matters. That’s what I mean by, “say no.”

What does your excess look like? Maybe it’s a habit, a relationship, a commitment to an organization, or a subscription. Write it down. And then say no.

I think if we as Amateurs can leave our excess to other people who actually thrive with those things around, we’ll find more contentment and the energy to follow through on our  grand plans and schemes.

Let’s say no more often, and if you need someone to hold you to it, you know where to find us!

(I think most of those “no’s” can wait until after Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Mabel’s this evening, though.)